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Collect chemical co.,ltd

Qingdao Collect Chemical Co., Ltd is established in 2002, we are a professional enterprise with research, production of Chlorinated paraffin and Zinc borate.

Our factory building for producing chlorinated paraffin product at 20,000.00 square meters, and factory for producing Zinc Borate at 3,000.00 square meters, we have a complete technical development department and involved professional, technical persons, our management and technological persons are involved in chlorinated paraffin and zinc borate industry for decades.

In our factory, the capacity of Chlorinated paraffin 70 is at 10,000 Tons/Year, 3.5 Zinc borate: 8,000.00Tons/year, Chlorinated paraffin 52: 40,000 Tons/year, Chlorinated paraffin42: 10,000 Tons/year.

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