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How to judge whether the flame retardant is green or not?
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Whether a flame retardant is environmentally friendly is determined by the structure and performance of the flame retardant itself, not by any organization or environmental label. Environmentally friendly flame retardants need to meet the following three conditions: First, green flame retardants are non-PBT substances (PBT: Persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic), that is, the release of chemicals to the environment is not persistent and bioaccumulative It should be a non-CMR substance (CMR: Carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction), which means that it has no carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive toxicity to the human body. Secondly, the green flame retardant is in the entire product life cycle. Whether it is in the upstream raw material extraction, production, transportation, or downstream use and recycling, it has a small impact on the environment. The environmentally friendly flame retardant responds to the environment with less release, consumes less energy during the life cycle and is easy to recycle; green flame retardants need to meet Regulatory and performance requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Based on the above three standards, most halogen-based flame retardants are currently green and environmentally friendly.

In addition, based on the fact that any chemicals including flame retardants may have undiscovered risks, large flame retardant manufacturers have also actively organized and carried out the "Voluntary Release Control Action Plan (VECAP)", actively calling on manufacturers and downstream users to continuously improve Process, recycling packaging bags, reducing the release of flame retardants to the environment, and reducing potential hazards.

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