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How to choose chlorinated paraffin? Chlorinated paraffin selection method and matters needing attention
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Chlorinated paraffins are widely used in the processing of coatings, rubber, leather, etc. due to their good stability and strong durability, and they play a very important role. This is one of the reasons why chlorinated paraffins are more popular in some industries. First, if you want to ensure the use effect of chlorinated paraffins, you need to choose chlorinated paraffins that are more suitable and of good quality. Then, do you know how to choose such chlorinated paraffins? Today I will introduce you to chlorinated paraffins. The selection method and matters needing attention, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Choosing method of chlorinated paraffin

1. See what you need

If you want to choose a suitable chlorinated paraffin, you should first understand the effect you want to achieve. You must know that there are many types of chlorinated paraffins, and different types of chlorinated paraffins have different uses and effects. The following will list The uses and effects of several chlorinated paraffins are for your reference.

(1) Chlorinated paraffin 52. Chlorinated paraffin 52 can improve the film-forming properties of the paint and prevent the oil film from cracking after drying, and is used in the paint. It is also used as a flame retardant for thermal insulation materials, plastics, rubber and textiles because of its flame-retardant and oil-repellent properties. It is used in the processing of adhesives, inks, leather, etc. because it can improve the chemical resistance and hydrophobicity of the adhesive Medium; and the same chlorinated paraffin 52 is divided into different sub-categories: national standard, qualified product, high viscosity, environmental protection, according to the product selection.

(2) Chlorinated paraffin 70. Chlorinated paraffin 70 is usually mixed with antimony trioxide or antimony pentoxide to form a flame retardant.

(3) Chlorinated paraffin 42. Chlorinated paraffin 42 can be used as an auxiliary plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride.

2, look at the manufacturer

(1) Look at the manufacturer’s qualifications. Qualification is very important for a manufacturer, especially for manufacturers of chemical products such as chlorinated paraffin. The manufacturer can only produce after the relevant departments have approved the manufacturer's qualifications. Therefore, qualification is an important credential to see whether the manufacturer is regular or not.

(2) It depends on the strength. Look at the strength and see if the chlorinated paraffin manufacturer has the ability to produce safe chlorinated paraffin; if it is convenient, you can visit the manufacturer, take a look at their production equipment, measure the professionalism of the production workers, etc. These are all judgments. An important channel for the strength of manufacturers.

(3) Look at service. Regardless of the manufacturer, pay attention to the manufacturer’s after-sales service when choosing. When the after-sales service is guaranteed, any problems with our products in the later stages can be solved. However, if the manufacturer’s after-sales service is not in place, it means that this manufacturer Is irresponsible, it is recommended not to choose.

3. Look at the chlorinated paraffin itself

(1) Look at the appearance. The appearance of different chlorinated paraffins is different. The appearance of chlorinated paraffin-70 is white or light yellow powder or granules. The overall appearance of chlorinated paraffin 42 is yellow or orange-yellow viscous oily liquid, while chlorinated paraffin 52 is generally water white or Light yellow viscous oily liquid, if there are other large differences in appearance, you need to consider the purity or quality of the chlorinated paraffin.

(2) Look at the water capacity. There are many types of chlorinated paraffins. These types are soluble in different solvents but insoluble in water. You can pay attention to test when purchasing to see if the chlorinated paraffins are soluble in water. If they are soluble in water, it means that they are not real chlorine. Fossil wax.

(3) Look at the degreasing effect. Degreasing cleaning of chlorinated paraffin cleaning agent lubricants and lubricants containing chlorinated paraffin; especially for difficult-to-clean high-viscosity metal processing oils. It has low concentration, comprehensive use, fast oil speed and degreasing, so you can test it when you buy it. If the degreasing speed is significantly slower and the effect is not good, it proves that the quality of chlorinated paraffin is not high.

2. Points for attention when choosing chlorinated paraffin

1. Understand the product before choosing

There are many applications of chlorinated paraffin. In addition to the examples above, it can be seen in rubber and other products, coatings, lubricants, etc. It has the advantages of flame retardancy and good electrical insulation. People’s favor, we can only apply to all walks of life after we have made a good choice. In the selection of materials, if you are a person who does not know the market well, then you can search for relevant knowledge on the Internet to see what the above prices are. Consider a few more stores, and then choose the cost-effective one. Products, this will be more affordable.

2, shop around

When choosing, you must remember not to choose blindly, let alone follow the trend. Chlorinated paraffin, a chemical product, is like clothes. What others are suitable for may not be suitable for you, because the purpose and purpose will not be exactly the same, so everyone Remember to shop around when choosing.

3, Moxin low-price routines

Chlorinated paraffin is made from both chlorine and paraffin. The raw materials are fixed. If some merchants throw low prices, don't be fooled. There must be a basis for what you pay for. The price is lowered while the production The raw materials and processes used must be discounted. As a result, the chlorinated paraffins we buy can hardly reach the required level.

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