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What factors affect the price of chlorinated paraffin? Factors affecting the price of chlorinated paraffin
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1. Factors affecting the price of chlorinated paraffin

1. Production cost

(1) Raw material cost. The raw materials for the production of chlorinated paraffin are mainly liquid chlorine and paraffin. Both the supply and demand price and quantity will affect the price of chlorinated paraffin. Taking liquefied paraffin as an example, if the production volume of liquid wax decreases, then the supply of liquid wax market will shrink as a whole, and the supply will become tight in a short period of time. We say that the scarcity is the most expensive. It is actually more reasonable to use here. When the supply of liquid wax decreases, its price will increase rapidly. The cost pressure of chlorinated paraffin manufacturers will increase significantly, and the supply of chlorinated paraffin in the market will follow. Decrease, the price of chlorinated paraffins will also be affected, and the principle of the impact of liquid chlorine on the price of chlorinated paraffins is the same. Therefore, the overall price fluctuations of chlorinated paraffins are relatively obvious compared to other industries.

(2) Processing cost. The production of chlorinated paraffin first involves the introduction of chlorine gas and liquid wax, temperature control, cooling, and fluorescent lamps. These operations require special instruments and equipment to support, and the processing also requires a lot of manpower. All are part of the processing cost.

2, supply and demand

As we said in the previous content, the supply and demand relationship is a direct factor affecting the price of plasticizers. In fact, it is the same in the chlorinated paraffin market. The specific manifestation is that when the demand exceeds the supply, the remaining chlorinated paraffin in the market is There will be insufficient use, then the price of chlorinated paraffins will increase, when the demand is less than the supply, the produced chlorinated paraffins will be unsalable, then the price of chlorinated paraffins will be lowered.

3. Related product prices

(1) Auxiliary products. Chlorinated paraffin has many functions, and the more common ones are flame retardant and plasticizing. In some functions, chlorinated paraffin is used as an auxiliary product for flame retardancy and plasticization. If the price of the main product is too high, the price of the main product will decrease, and the corresponding demand for chlorinated paraffin will also decrease. Prices will also be forced to lower.

(2) Alternative products. Take the role of plasticization, the price of chlorinated paraffin used for plasticization will be affected by its substitute plasticizers, because in a certain range plasticizers and chlorinated paraffins play the same role. When the price of the substitute plasticizer is relatively high, the demand for chlorinated paraffin will increase, and the corresponding price will be gradually increased.

2. Choosing method of chlorinated paraffin

1. Understand the role of different types of paraffin wax

Different chlorinated paraffins have different functions. For example, chlorinated paraffin-42 can be used as an anticoagulant and anti-extreme pressure additive of lubricating oil, and can be used as a plasticizer for PVC products. Chlorinated paraffin-52 is mainly used PVC products, used as plasticizers or plasticizers, etc. Chlorinated Paraffin-70 has high flame retardancy. It is mainly used for rubber products, calcium plastic foamed decorative panels and polyolefins, etc. It depends on the purchase of chlorinated For the purpose of paraffin, select the appropriate chlorinated paraffin.

2, look at the appearance of chlorinated paraffin

There are some simple differences in the appearance of different types of paraffin. For example, chlorinated paraffin-42 is a light yellow clear and viscous liquid, odorless and non-toxic, and chlorinated paraffin-70 is a white or light yellow powdery resin. See if the appearance does not meet the requirements, if it is, it means that there is a quality problem with chlorinated paraffin, and it is not recommended to buy.

3. Look at the manufacturer

Look at the manufacturer, mainly to see whether the manufacturer’s qualifications belong to a regular manufacturer. Generally, the quality of the products produced by a regular manufacturer is relatively reliable, and then to see the manufacturer’s service, to see whether the service is in place, especially the manufacturer’s after-sales service, when it is after-sales When the service is guaranteed, any problems with our products in the later stages can be solved. If you want to be more sure, you can pay attention to the evaluation of related personnel. Before choosing, you can listen to the evaluation of the partner who chose this company for the company. If the evaluation is generally good, you can choose with confidence.

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